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Mexpipe Warriors

Aktualisiert: 24. Apr. 2023

Surfing Contest mit Gabriel Sodre

Dear supporters,

My name is Valeria Verzar and I've created this crowdfunding for my surf coach and good friend Gabriel Sodré. Born in a surfer family, son of the late coach of the Brazilian and Carioca Amateur National Team «Caio Monteiro» Gabriel started surfing at the age of three. At ten he was already participating in the first competitions. From 14 to 18 he defended the Rio de Janeiro flag at the Brazilian Amateur Surfcircuit. At the ago of 18, he professionalized and competed for the Brazilian and Carioca Professional Circuit, as well as the WQS stages held in Brazil. 2019 was the 4th consecutive year Gabriel taught Jiu Jitsu classes at the Black Sharks Academy in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, and is excelling in the biggest swells of the season, with his images and material featured on the best websites and custom media!

Gabriel was invited for the second time to participate in the Mexpipe Warriors, a championship that brings together 32 of the best tube riders in the world in a competition for the best tubes on the beach of Zicatela and this time came out as a finalist in the event!

In addition to being a finalist for at the Mexpipe Warriors, Gabriel is also the 2 time champion of the Black Belt Surfing Circuit, an exclusive championship for jiu-jitsu black belts!

Surfer wird von Welle mitgerissen & erholt sich mit Cbdöl nach dem Unfall

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